Our Services

Edition 2020

At BUILDING COMFORTS, we strive for the best. Nothing less than best works for us and our clients know it. That's why they trust us in every problem they have, whether it be leaking walls, basement seepage, or simply a water-leakage problem across the home or office.

The driving philosophy of our organization is that of simplicity and class. We do not believe in providing unnecessarily expensive solutions to common, day-to-day problems. We believe in sharing with our client's economical waterproofing solutions rather than astronomical ones. Yet, we use only the choicest materials procured from the best manufactures in the world. If the best is not available, we won't work. For us, quality comes first. Nothing comes second.

BUILDING COMFORTS is the sole importer and distributor of CASALI waterproofing products in Pakistan. And we have not authorized any other party/organization for this purpose. To check whether you are getting the original CASALI brand, please contact us.

Our Mission

At all times to guarantee 101% satisfaction of our clients by doing the following and more:

*Provide our clients with the highest quality, integrated, innovative & green waterproofing & heatproofing solutions.

*To be a partner in completion of Projects of exceptional complexity and importance to country.

*To be cost effective as much as possible without compromising on qualitative aspect of services requested by client;

*To help Pakistan's construction Industry grow with modern integrated technologies;

*To cause no environmental damage as much as possible;

*To remain honest with our clients, with our employees and with our Philosophy.

Vision statement

We started this business to free people of Pakistan from the shackles of bad waterproofing & construction chemicals. Our aim is to provide World Class services to Construction Industry in the country, to secure an honorable mention for our Industry and to win Pakistani Contractors' / Consultants' / Architects' / Civil Engineers' confidence back on track with our vast and varied hands-on experience in the field of Waterproofing, Material specifications and Insulation.

By helping build better structures through our innovative and green products, we will be instrumental in pushing the limits of construction industry in Pakistan thereby creating further opportunities for success for our people in this modern century.

Our Facts

* Born in 2006 in Karachi, Pakistan. Founded by Muhammad Hanif Adhia & Ameer Hamza Adhia.

* Importers of World Class Bitumen membranes from Italy CASALI (2006-2008);

* Completed project of Historical significance SIND CLUB in 2009;

* Completed mega project in Afghanistan (2008-2010);

* Partnered with Greenseal Malaysian products (2008-2014);

* Introduced Foam Concrete as Insulation product in Pakistan;

* Introduced innovative product range: RMC 786, MF Admix, RMC M12, RMC 808, BCCI-201, BCCI-200 & UV super coating;

* We were the only Waterproofing company which participated in First ever ABAD International Expo held in Karachi from 12th-14th Aug, 2014;

* Pakistan's first fully integrated, up-to-date, 101% interactive waterproofing website goes online in May 2015 (www.buildingcomforts.com);

* Co-sponsored Youth Seminar featuring some of Pakistan's best known young names at Bahria University, Karachi campus on 7th May, 2015;

* Diversification: Collaboration with www.ameerhamza.me for Projects' Photography. Now you can get your Projects photographed by some of Pakistan's most iconic Photographers.