Thermal UV-500

(Polymer Aqueous Dispcrsion based high quality water proofing Acrylic Membrane)


Thermal UV-500 in a special polymer aqueous dispersion based acrylic water proof coating membrane Because ofits excellent flexibility and thixotropic nature is an ideal for use on Vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. It is single pack, Very economical and pollution free water proofcoating. Due to its white color, it has excellent solar insulation capacity.


Solid Content 65 +,- 1%
Colour White
Viscosity Kg/ltr 1.30 +,- 0.05
Density 65 +,- 1%
Hardness Shore A 55
Elongation Break Approx. 450% at 20"C
Resistance to temperature Approx. -30°C to + 100°C
Water Permeability Almost Zero
Solar Reflection Excellent
Insulation Properties Good


  • Waterproofing for roofs ranging from asphalt, asbestos cement to concrete and terrazzo tiles. Recommended for both horizontal and inclined structures.
  • Waterproofing membrane for FLAT ROOFING SYSTEM (traditional and inversed)


Asphalt roofsurfaces to be coated with UV—500 must be at least one year old and load bearing. Application when rain threatens should be avoided for all substrates. The application at temp below + 50 C will result. Particularly in case of thick coats, in incomplete film formation and consequent reduces elasticity of the film as well as the possibility of formation of cracks in the coating.


  • Old asphalt Surfaces and a halt roofing fell after cleaning must be primed with UV-500 Diluted with 20% sweet water. This would strengthen the weathered surfaces. Blister in asphalt roofing felt must be cut open cross wise, dried bonded with suitable adhesive.
  • Damaged or washed-out joints should be cleaned and repaired with Fl0wGr0ut 702. After through cleaning to remove all loose material, prime the entire surface 20% diluted UV-500 after the prime is completely dry, the substrate is coated with UV-500 as previously described. Flat roofs without pitch, so called zero pitch roofs , are roof surfaces where puddles may develop and which therefore pose special problems. Puddles after curing cannot be rectified which necessitate redoing the entire waterproofing. Hence the dry weather is a prerequisite to help satisfactory curing and puddles free coating.


  • iron or galvanized: remove loose paint with wire brush. Deiust corroded areas and prime with suitable metal primers.
  • Zinc or aluminum: remove loose paint with wire brush. Remove corrosion if present and prime with solvent primer. Thoroughly remove moss and mildew with wire brush; subsequently clean the surface with a broom. After thorough drying of the primer, application of UV-500 is carried out as previously mentioned.
  • Concrete roofs: after cleaning the roof surfaces, prime with 20% sweet water diluted UV-500 after complete drying of the primer, proceed as described under asphalt roof surfaces to apply UV-500.


This improvised method overcomes the limitation of traditional method and future has the following method :

  • Suppression ofthe vapor barrier.
  • Waterproof membrane protected by insulation.
  • Waterproof membrane no longer subjected to UV rays.
  • Double mechanical protection (insulation and protection)
  • Waterproof membrane, serving as ‘curing’ of treatment, slowing the evaporation of water contained in the concrete roofs slabs, essential in hot climates.


Standard procedures to be followed for cleaning, the substrate and primer coat application. After complete drying of the primer coat, give two coat of UV-500 at the rate of 0.8 kg .per sq .met. making a total of 1.5 kg to 2 kg per.sq.met. including the primer.